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Replacement Parts

U.S. Air Filtration offers a comprehensive range of high-quality replacement parts and products to optimize the performance and longevity of your dust collection system. 

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient operation, and our selection of replacement parts is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Explore our wide range of dust collection replacement parts below:

Filter Bags

Our industrial dust collector bags are custom manufactured to fit various baghouses and dust collection systems. We stock filter bags in common medias and sizes for quick shipping. Replacement filter bags are available in different configurations, fabrics, finishes, and treatments to suit your specific application.

Cartridge Filters

Find replacement cartridge filters for a wide range of industrial cartridge collectors. Our cartridge filters are designed to fit various dust collection system makes and models. We offer different media options tailored to specific applications, including nanofiber, spunbond, and cellulose polyester blend cartridges.

Pleated Cartridge Filters

Our replacement pleated cartridge filters are available in various medias, including Aramid, PTFE, and Spunbond polyester. They are a versatile option for upgrading existing dust collection filters or as an alternative to traditional baghouse filter bags. These filters can also serve as replacements for popular brand name filters.

How to Install a Pleated Filter

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Dust Collector Cages

We manufacture custom filter bag cages for pulse-jet dust collectors. Our cages provide essential support to prevent bag collapse and ensure optimal performance. We can design cages for new baghouses or to fit existing models from major dust collector manufacturers. Our cage options include top load and bottom load configurations with various materials, coatings, and treatment options.

Donaldson Torit Filters

Our replacement filters meet or exceed the efficiency rating of well-known brands such as Donaldson Torit. We offer cost-effective alternatives that deliver comparable performance. Our replacement filters are available for various Donaldson Torit dust collector models.

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves are crucial components in pulse jet dust collectors. We supply replacement diaphragm valves suitable for our dust collection systems as well as other brands. Our stock includes diaphragm valves for Asco, Goyen, Mecair, Taeha, Turbo, and other major manufacturers. We also offer diaphragm and solenoid repair kits to restore pulse valves to optimal functioning.

How to Replace Your Dust Collector Diaphragm Valve Repair Kit

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Solenoids work in tandem with diaphragm valves in the pulse cleaning system of dust collectors. We stock high-quality solenoids from brands, including Asco, Goyen, Mecair, Taeha, and Turbo. The Solenoids are designed to be compatible with different electrical configurations and voltages, ensuring seamless integration into any cleaning process.

How to Replace Your Solenoid Valve

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Rotary Valves

We offer a comprehensive range of rotary valves designed to control the flow of material from the dust collector to a storage container. Our rotary valves come in different sizes, materials, finishes, and designs to suit diverse dust collection applications. We can also engineer and manufacture custom rotary valves to meet unique plant requirements.

Control Panels

We provide replacement control panels for dust collection systems, including basic models and advanced units with on-demand cleaning capabilities. Our control panels are designed to enhance system efficiency and meet various customer requirements, including NEMA ratings and explosion-proof enclosures.

Timer Boards

Our replacement timer boards control the cleaning cycles of pulse jet dust collectors. We offer timer boards from a range of brands, including ACC, Ametek, Dwyer, Goyen, and NCC. Our timer boards come in AC or DC variations, offering both basic and advanced options to suit different system configurations.

How Does On Demand Cleaning Work with a Timer

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Leak Detection Powder

Our non-toxic leak detection powder helps identify leaks in dust collectors. This powder is used after installing new filter bags or when a significant change in differential pressure is detected. Rapid detection and repair of leaks can minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Our leak detection powder is safe and effective for use on any dust collector.

How to Detect a Dust Collector Leak

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Miscellaneous Parts

In addition to the aforementioned replacement parts, we stock a broad selection of other components for dust collection systems. Our inventory includes cones and nozzles, dump valves, slide gates, emissions monitoring systems, couplings, motors and starters, and precoat systems.

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With over 40 years of experience, U.S. Air Filtration is your trusted partner for baghouse dust collectors, bin vent dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, and replacement parts. Whether you need assistance designing a dust collection system or sourcing and replacing a part, our knowledgeable team is here to help.

Contact us today or request a quote to learn more about our dust collection products and services.

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Replacement Parts

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