Iron Castings Foundry Baghouse System

Baghouse Dust Collection Project Summary

Air Pollution Control Project Details


US Air Filtration engineered and fabricated a pulse jet baghouse dust collection system to capture 50,000 CFM of dust laden air generated at the holding furnace/inoculation APC system.  Project included:


  • Singed PTFE filter bags
  • Spark arrestor
  • Ductwork
  • Pre-coat
  • Foundations & Erection

Project Details:


Equipment Specifications:

Model 5415WPT  120-6 Pulse Jet Dust Collector with Spark Arrestor

CFM: 50,000 CFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio: 3.92:1

Application Details: Holding Furnace/Inoculation APC System

Filter Media: Singed PTFE


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