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U.S. Air Filtration manufactures high efficiency, industrial dust collector bags that fit a variety of pulse jet baghouses and other dust collection systems.

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Our team is here to help you find the right dust collection filter bags to achieve peak performance and clean air in your facility. Here we will break down your dust collector bag options and configurations.

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What Dust Collector Bag Options Do You Offer?

Central machinery dust collector bags come in a wide variety of coatings, finishes, sizes and configurations, and with various filter media options. With so many filter bag options available, it is important to understand the characteristics that go into choosing the best solution for your application.

These Include:

  • Dust properties
  • Dust load
  • Operating temperature requirements
  • The work environment at your industrial operation

Our Fabric Characteristics Guide outlines the dust collector filter bag material and finishes that we provide, and details how they can help lengthen the life of your filter, improve filtration efficiency, and reduce abrasion.

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What Type of Dust Collector Bag Configuration Do I Need?

Your dust collector filter configuration will depend on you baghouse style. Jet dust collector bags are designed for pulse jet baghouse systems while reverse air or shaker style baghouses require different filter configurations.

Top configurations are available in:

  • Snap band tops
  • Ring tops
  • Corded tops
  • Raw edge
  • And more…

Bottom configurations include:

  • Sewn flat
  • Disc bottom
  • Hemmed
  • And more…

To find out which dust collector bag configuration you need for your baghouse style, contact one of our dust collection filter specialists.

Already know your configuration? Take a look at our in-stock options available to ship next day.

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How Can I Extend Dust Collector Filter Life and
Reduce Maintenance?

Our line of PTFE membrane dust filter bags are designed to double the life of your dust collector bag filter, reduce wear and tear, reduce plant downtime, and help you save on maintenance costs. Keep your facility and baghouse dust collector running at peak efficiency.

Need help or have any questions regarding the right dust collector baghouse filters for your application or baghouse system? Our experts are here to help. Call, email, or chat with our experts.

To find the most accurate solution for your business, assess the following before reviewing our catalog:

1. How much CFM will be needed for the Cartridge Dust Collector?
2. How much dust do you usually dispose of in a day?
3. Approximately what air velocity (FPM) are you looking for?
4. Is the material explosive? If so, do you need a spark detection system, explosion vent, or sprinkler system?
5. Do you need us to supply the Inlet Duct, Pick-Up Hoods, Installation, or Fan?

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Our Guarantee

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How to Select the Right Dust Collector Filter Bags

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