Baghouses are designed to safely collect and remove dust created during industrial product manufacturing or processing.

Baghouse Dust Collector

Pulse jet baghouse dust collectors feature:
  • On-demand cleaning technology that cleans dust collector filters continuously while the system is running.
  • Fabric filter bags available in a variety of medias and treatments to attract dust
  • Are ideal for high dust load applications with greater than 1,000 CFM dust load
  • Accomodate high airflow temperatures up to 500 degrees
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs over time than traditional shaker style baghouses

We engineer and manufacture industrial pulse jet baghouse dust collection systems for a broad micron range of dust applications. Our engineers custom design and fabricate your baghouse to meet your unique air filtration needs and challenges. USAF baghouses are ideally suited for many industrial applications including woodworking, mining, cement, metalworking, steel, food, pharmaceuticals, mining, manufacturing and more.

Take a look at our standard models by viewing our online catalog.

Product Catalog

Our baghouses range in size from 650 to 5 million CFM and are engineered to meet or exceed air quality regulations for optimal plant hygiene and safety. Our low maintenance baghouse systems are self-contained, weatherproof, and fully automated. We supply and install ducting, access platforms, ventilation, instrumentation, walk-in plenums, and easy maintenance access for small or large projects.

As a full service dust collection engineering and manufacturing firm, we also provide rotary valves, screw conveyors, sealed drums, bulk bag discharges, discharge lids, bin vents, air operated pneumatic transfer systems.

We also manufacture filter bags in a wide range of filter medias. We can help you identify the right filter media, configuration, and media treatments for your application that will provide the best value and lowest maintenance costs over time.

Baghouse Project Frequently Asked Questions

To help you engineer a new system, here is a list of frequently asked questions we may ask you about your project. Check out our case studies to see some of our past projects and applications and call us today to learn how we can help you.

Baghouses FAQs

Baghouse Filters

USAF also manufactures and supplies custom and in stock baghouse filter bags for any type of baghouse dust collector.  Our dust collector bags are available in many top and bottom configurations and a variety of filter media options to handle the dust load and dust properties of your work environment.

Dust Collector Filter Bags

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