Cartridge Dust Collector FAQ

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Cartridge dust collectors are compact, modular for easy expansion, and designed for easy change-outs. This article includes the top benefits of a cartridge dust collector, common industry use, and the frequently asked questions on a new cartridge dust collector project.

What type of dust collector is compact, efficient, and cost effective?

Finding the right sized dust collector becomes is a top priority when you have multiple equipment, employees, and a dust collector working together in a small space. When height or space restrictions become a problem, a customer can typically solve it by installing a compact cartridge collector. A cartridge collector can be the right fit for you are working with very fine dust, fumes, or if you’re collecting a low volume of dust with CFM of 500 or greater. For example, if you are collecting less than one 55 gallon drum a day, then this would be considered the best scenario.

Most common industries that use cartridge collectors:

  • Steel
  • Synthetics
  • Paint/Powder Booths

Most common benefits that should be included in your cartridge collector:

If you’re looking for a cartridge collector for your next project, here is a check list of some frequently asked questions you’ll need to consider.

Cartridge Dust Collector Project Questions

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