USAF CleanFlo Cartridge Dust Collector

The USAF CleanFlo cartridge dust collector provides economical, reliable and high efficiency filtration for industrial dust collector applications in a compact size. The CleanFlo cartridge collector is ideally suited to filter all types of fine dust particulate including foundries, grinding, powder applications, blast cleaning booths, welding fume and many more. Compact design is adaptable to height and footprint restrictions. The modular structure allows for quick and painless capacity increase of the system. Cartridge dust collector units include an air diffuser zone allowing for better dust dropout. CleanFlo offers zero upward air velocity allowing dust to easily settle into the hopper. Units come standard with pulse jet on demand cleaning technology. High efficiency cleaning nozzles accentuate the pulse, improve cleaning efficiency, lowers differential pressure and extends filter life. CleanFlo utilizes standard size filters from any supplier and gives you the best value over time. Changeouts can be done in less than 30 minutes, no tools needed. With our CleanFlo system your operational costs are significantly lower. Experience value now and value later. 


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