Modular Dust Collectors

What is a Modular Dust Collector?

Industrial dust collectors are large air filtration systems that are sized to meet a specific capacity. While this may suit a company’s current needs and budget, it doesn’t prepare for future growth. In the next decade, a company may face the dilemma of having to purchase a larger unit. However, modular dust collectors provide companies with an opportunity to invest in and prepare for future growth

Modular dust collectors are compact industrial air filtration systems engineered to capture fine dust particulates, designed with a low profile for easy expansion, and are ideal for applications including welding, grinding, bulk powder, foundries and more. Applications with the following characteristics are ideally suited for this modular system:

  • Moderate dust loads
  • High filter efficiency required
  • Air temperatures below 250°F
  • Facilities with space restrictions

Benefits of a Modular Dust Collector

With so many options for cartridge dust collection systems available, it is crucial to understand the additional advantages offered by a U.S. Air Filtration, Inc. CleanFlo modular dust collection system.

Future Growth at Minimal Cost

Dust collectors are sturdy pieces of equipment that are designed to last for decades, but they also come with a high price tag. It is crucial to think about how this equipment fits into your company’s goals, both immediate and long term. A modular dust collector allows you to build upon your initial investment, instead of having to purchase an entirely new system.

For example, suppose a company invests $40,000 in a dust collector to handle four machines. As the company grows and production expands, an additional four machines are added, requiring the capacity of the dust collection system to double. The company faces two options to accommodate their expansion:

Option #1 Spend an additional $80,000 and get an entirely new dust collection system sized to fit their current needs

Option #2  Invest $40,000 in an additional module to expand their existing USAF CleanFlo unit, thus preserving their initial investment.

Flexibility. Modular, Low Profile Design Options for Easy Expansion

Modular dust collectors aim to provide flexibility to companies by enabling them to expand as their production needs grow. Companies can expand the capacity of their existing system without sacrificing much space, as the bolt-on design of these dust collectors helps keep the footprint small while providing the necessary performance. Since production downtime can be costly, the expansion of a dust collector should be taken seriously.

Replacing the entire system requires tearing down or removing the existing system, resulting in potential days or weeks of downtime. However, with appropriate preparation, a new module can be attached in a day, significantly reducing downtime and the impact on production.

Improve Air to Cloth Ratio

Combined modules improve air-to-cloth ratio while utilizing already-existing resources and reducing cost. 

Signs You Need to Add A Modular Dust Collector

There are a handful of signs that may indicate a need for an additional modular dust collector. Some of the most obvious signs include: 

  • Reduction in airflow – When you have a brand new set of filters, and velocities drop within a few hours, days or weeks, then you don’t have enough filter cloth in the system. As soon as you start building up a dust cake, that resistance will quickly cause air velocities to drop at pick up points, which obviously is an issue. The solution to this would be expanding, and adding a modular dust system which would double the filter cloth in the system.
  • Increase in Machines or Dust Load – Before adding machines to your facility, we recommend evaluating your current dust collection system to see if it can handle the increase in dust load.
  • Poor Dust Collector Performance – Anytime you feel your dust collection system is not performing up to your standards or expectations, you have the option to work with an engineer and see if a system expansion can remedy that problem.

If you would like to learn more about our modular CleanFlo Cartridge dust collector, or if you are interested in finding out if your production line could benefit from the addition of a modular dust collector, please feel free to contact an equipment specialist at (888) 221-0312 or email 

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