US Air Filtration Baghouse

US Air Filtration baghouses are custom engineered to meet the most stringent air quality standards. Designed for dry dust collection applications including food production, metalworking, wood, chemicals, minerals and mining, energy, and manufacturing. Our in-house engineering team has over 50 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing systems for diverse applications up to 1 million CFM airflow. Schedule a complimentary project consultation today! Request yours here. 


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The USAF engineering team has over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing bag houses that meet the most stringent air pollution control requirements. Our projects are custom engineered to each client's unique dust control specifications. Common applications for USAF pulse-jet bag houses include foundries, power plants, woodworking, metalworking, cements, concrete and aggregates, food manufacturing, chemical processing, mining and mineral, and many more.

Our most widely used bagged house model features a high header high Inlet design unit housings are fabricated using 12 gauge hot rolled steel and reinforced to operate within plus minus 20 inches of water. The structure is designed to withstand 100 mile-per-hour winds and zone 3 seismic loads.

Compressed air manifold is located on the top of the unit for easy maintenance. Hopper discharge clearance of 48 inches allows for use of slide gate rotary valve or pneumatic conveying system. Each unit comes equipped with automatic and on demand cleaning capabilities to minimize compressed air usage and power consumption.

The high header high Inlet design reduces kin velocity allowing for better dust dropout. This design requires less filter media reducing the footprint of the collector, while lowering long term maintenance costs.

Filter bags are available in a wide range of fabrics treatments and coatings including poly, fiberglass, PTFE, PPS, p84, aramid and more.

Our units designed in size from one thousand to five million cubic feet per minute and engineered for a broad range of dust.

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