Asphalt Plant Bin Vent Dust Collector

Project Summary

Guardtop contacted U.S. Air Filtration looking for a dust control solution for several mixer tanks at a new plant.  The customer’s biggest challenge was identifying a location for a central baghouse, and how to run ducting throughout their plant and maintain efficiency while keeping costs low.


Rather than one central baghouse with ducting spread throughout the plant, USAF recommended several smaller bin vent units to achieve optimal dust pollution control while increasing long term value and cost efficiency over time.  Three USAF model # 33-PPV-39-6.25 bin vents were installed to control their dust and maintain peak performance.  Installing these bin vents solved the customer’s top three concerns 1. Cost 2. Ducting 3. Product Loss


This was the first time the customer had filtered mixer tanks with bin vents. Since the installation the units have been working very smoothly with great results.

Project Details


Equipment Specifications:

  • Filter Media: Spunbond Poly
  • Airflow (CFM): 1,500 CFM
  • Air to Cloth Ratio: 4.27:1

Type of Dust:

  • Sleight Dust & Clay

This was our first time having to filter mixer tanks using bin vents and I’ve been very pleased with USAF’s commitment to finding a low cost and low maintenance solution for us.  They recommended three bin vent units which eliminated the need for additional ductwork and we aren’t losing any product since it’s now falling back into the mixing tanks.  This is a great value and cost saving solution for us long term and we’ve been very satisfied with the results since these units have been installed.

-Mike DiBenedetto, Guardtop

Project Photos

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