Filter Bag Media: PPS

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Get more details about PPS filter bag media, it’s characteristics, applications, pros and cons, and the available treatments and finishes for it.

Industry Use

PPS, also otherwise known by the proprietary name Ryton© or Procon©, is a filter bag media that is commonly used in dust collection applications where excellent resistance to acids and alkaline is required. Carbon black, chemicals, and cement applications are a few industries that frequently utilize PPS filter bags.

Dust Collection Characteristics

PPS is used in dust collection applications for asphalt plants, cement mills, incinerators, and coal fired boilers. PPS filter media has the ability to capture fine, powdery, and sometimes abrasive dust. It is commonly available in weights of 16 and 18 ounces. Below are more PPS characteristics.

PPS (Ryton©/Procon©) Filter Bag Media

Relative Cost$$$$$
Max Continuous Operating Temperature375 Degrees F.
Energy AbsorptionGood
Filtration PropertiesGood
Moist HeatGood
Mineral AcidsExcellent
Oxygen (15%+)Poor
Excellent resistance to acids and alkaline Sensitive bag to cage fit.
Asphalt Plants
Cement Mills

Filter Bag Treatments & Finishes

PTFE Membrane

Benefits of Treatments & Finishes

PTFE Membrane: This treatment can be added to aid in the capture of fine particulate, improve filtration efficiency, and cake release. To learn more about how PTFE works and its benefits, you can access this short video guide.

Singe: The felt is singed on the side where dust cake would accumulate. The process involves removing the loose fiber ends from the filter material. This provides a uniform surface area which improves cake release.

Glazed: A process where the fibers are fused to the body of the filter medium. This helps smooth the surface and improve cake release.

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