Dust Collectors and Filter Medias for Chemical Applications

Are you installing or replacing a dust collector at your facility? You may be asking yourself "How do I choose the right dust collector?"

To help you decide the right dust collector for your environment, we've gathered the most common dust collector and filter media options other customers in your industry have used over the years.

Depending on the CFM or volume you are looking for, your size and space restrictions, and AQMD or local emissions requirements there are three types of dust collectors you would typically choose from (e.g. baghouse, cartridge collector, bin vent). Cartridge collectors are frequently used for chemical applications because of their increased efficiency at filtering fine and fume dust. Before you make your final choice, you'll want to know how to avoid the dangers of getting an undersized dust collector and how to save on long term maintenance costs by making sure your dust collector has design features for easy maintenance.

Regardless of which style is right for you, harsh fumes in the chemicals industry can be a detriment to the longevity of a dust collector and its filters. So one of the most common themes our customers have recently requested is for their dust collector to be fabricated from a non-corrosive material such as 304 stainless steel and titanium.

Choosing a long-lasting filter media is the key component to saving time and money on maintenance costs. One common treatment typically used on filter bags is PTFE membrane. PTFE membrane can extend the life of your filter up to twice as long as your standard bag. Because they do need to be pulsed as frequently, you also save on energy costs . For cartridge or pleated filters, both Nanofiber and Spunbond Polyester medias are used because of superior fibers which have the ability to allow filters to reach peak efficiency much quicker than a standard media filter.

Most Common Dust Collectors for Chemical Applications:

  • Bin Vent Model PTPBBV-39 in 304 stainless steel and Model 66-PTPBDC-39-6.25

  • Cartridge Collector Model 2DCP-4 in both 304 stainless steel and standard 10-12 gauge steel

  • Baghouse Pulse-Jet style (titanium)

Most Common Filter Medias for Chemical Applications:

  • Cartridge Filters: Nanofiber, Spunbond Polyester, 80/20 Polyester/Cellulose blend (with or without fire retardant)

  • Filter Bags: Teflon w/ PTFE membrane, Polyester with PTFE membrane, Polyester

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