Cost Effective, Reliable Solutions for Cement, Concrete and Asphalt Plants

The most common concern for cement, asphalt and concrete industries is to find a dust collector that will be cost effective, run at peak efficiency, prevent them from losing product while taking up minimal space. With all of these of this in mind, what’s the most common solution to these frustrations?

The overwhelming choice for dust control in the cement, concrete, and asphalt industry is a bin vent system with Spunbond Polyester filters. When you are trying to figure out what type of dust collector is right for your application, you’ll find that bin vents are most commonly used in applications involving silos, storage bins, or where you are moving product from one location to another. One of the greater advantages of using a bin vent is that they are very space-efficient and modular. Bin vents have a small footprint you can easily expand down the road. You also have the option of installing several smaller bin vents instead of one large central baghouse with ducting. Whether you need one or several, you’re still going to benefit from the top advantages of a bin vent.

Top Benefits of a Bin Vent:Bin Vent 2D

Ideal for product transfer applications

Compact and Modular

Designed for easy service and change outs

May not require additional ductwork

Most Common Dust Collector for Cement, Concrete, and Asphalt Applications:

Bin Vent Model 3-PBBV-39-6.25

Bin Vent Model 66-PTPV-84-6

Bin Vent Model 22-PBBV-39-6.25

Most Common Filter Media for Cement, Concrete, and Asphalt Applications:

Pleated filters in Spunbond Polyester


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    This is a really reliable solution especially for the asphalt applications, thanks to Joyce Nagy for sharing it with us. great blog.

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