The Benefits of PTFE for your Filters

Are you  spending too much money on change outs, having to replace your baghouse filters too often, or using excessive energy to pulse your system?  If you have been in this type of situation, trying out PTFE may provide a better solution for your filtering process.


Our video guide below can show you how PTFE membrane works when applied to a dust collector filter, and it’s resulting benefits.


Some of the main benefits of PTFE discussed in our video guide are also listed below’


  • Longer Bag Life
  • Lower Maintenance and Labor Costs
  • Improved Air Flow and Pick-Up Velocities
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Less System Wear and Tear


If you are looking o find more technical help or information on how PTFE can better benefit you, please contact one of our responsive sales representatives at 888-221-0312.  They can help you find out the best option to fit your budget and facility needs.


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