Custom Filter Bags and Cartridges

Are you having a hard time trying to find those custom panel filters, bags, cartridges, or parts for your dust collector?  To avoid that frustration you can contact one of our responsive sales representatives at 888-221-0312.


Our sales representatives can you help find what you are looking for, provide viable alternative medias to help better your process, and also provide the technical help you may be looking for.


We also stock a wide variety of kits, valves, and filters in various media and dimensions.



  • Bags:

    • Polyester

    • PTFE

    • Aramid

    • Oleophobic

    • Fiberglass
  • Panel FIlters:
    • Various sizes
    • HEPA
    • Double Headers
    • Single Headers
  • Cartridges:

    • Polyester

    • 80/20 Flame Retardant
    • Polyester with PTFE

    • Spunbond


In Stock Replacement Kits & Valves:

  • Goyen

  • Turbo

  • Asco

  • Taeha


One thought on “Custom Filter Bags and Cartridges

  1. Griffin Seidler says:


    This is Griffin Seidler with Ruger Precision Metals. We are currently looking to replace some of our vacuum pump cartridge filters and are hoping to get a quote. The filters are 4″ OD X 2.5″ ID X 10″ long. Made with Polyester W/PTFE and 1 Micron. If you need any other details or pictures, feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at (618) 974-9313.

    Griffin Seidler

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