dust collector filter bags

Industry Use

Teflon dust collector filter media is one of the most expensive types of media used in pulse jet baghouse dust collectors. It is also commonly known as PTFE or by proprietary names such as Gore-Tex© and Tetratex©. It’s generally used for severe environments operating at high temperatures. Industries that use PTFE filter media range from cement, steel foundries, and energy.

Dust Collection Characteristics

For some of the most challenging applications like coal fired power plants, incinerators, carbon black plants, and steel foundries Teflon can be advantageous. Teflon offers great performance when operating at a maximum continuous operating temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are operating above 450 degrees Fahrenheit keep in mind that you may need to oversize the bag to account for the shrinkage that will occur at that extreme temperature. Teflon also delivers superior dust cake release and high filtration efficiency in applications that demand high resistance to acids and moist heat. A common weight available for Teflon is 22 ounce. Below are more characteristics of Teflon filter media.

Characteristic Rating
Relative Cost $$$$$$$
Max Continuous Operating Temperature 500 Degrees F.
Abrasion Good
Energy Absorption Good
Filtration Properties Fair
Moist Heat Excellent
Alkaline Excellent
Mineral Acids Excellent
Oxygen (15%+) Excellent

Pros Cons
Teflon delivers superior dust cake release and high filtration efficiency in high heat applications that demand high resistance to acids and moist heat. Must oversize bag for shrinkage that can occur in temperatures above 450 Degrees F.

Steel Foundries
Coal Fired Power Plants
Carbon Black Plants

Filter Bag Treatments & Finishes

• PTFE Membrane
• Glazed

Benefits of Treatments & Finishes

PTFE Membrane : PTFE on PTFE can provide maximum protection against harsh chemicals, highly abrasive dust properties, and high moisture. PTFE on PTFE does come at an extremely high cost, but is typically used after all other options have failed.

Glazed: This is a pre-treatment process for the filter fabric and involves the high pressure pressing of the fibers at elevated temperatures. This fuses the fiber ends to the body of the filter medium and the results in improved mechanical stability.

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