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What is the difference between a baghouse and a cartridge collector? Which one is right for my application? These are some very good questions to ask as you begin searching for the right dust collector for your project. This article will help you better understand the difference between the two and what would be a good fit for your operation.

First, we can start with the similarities between baghouses and cartridge collectors. Both of these are larger scale filtration systems that are very efficient. They use filters that must be cleaned periodically to ensure a longer bag life and more effective filtration and performance.

Airflow Differences

Pipe Foundry USAF Baghouse

One of the first points of difference is their airflow filtration range. Baghouses are typically necessary in an application with more than 1,000 CFM. Cartridge filters can be used for lower scale projects that start at 500 CFM.

If your project emits more than a 55 gallon drum of dust per day a baghouse would be the recommended filtration system. Cartridge filters are ideal for applications that use less than a 55 gallon drum of dust per day.


Cartridge filters are easier to maintain than baghouses. A cartridge collector is smaller and often the filters are pleated, giving you more square footage of filtration in a more compact area. Cartridge filters can be replaced from the outside of the collector which eliminates contact with the dust and sometimes harmful materials that the cartridges are filtering. You can save on labor costs and time because cartridges are larger, so you don’t have to replace as many.

Baghouses are typically much larger and house more filters than cartridges. Automated cleaning systems in baghouses make it much easier to keep filter bags clean and reduce bag wear.

When it is time for replacement, there are more bags to replace and the servicer has to go inside the baghouse to change out the bags which can increase contact with harmful particulate or fumes.

To learn more about the key differences between baghouses and cartridges including ballpark costs, lead times, installation and view a comparison chart highlighting key differences in airflows, design features and more, download our free detailed guide to baghouses and cartridge collectors.

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