Power Pulse Model 66-PTHH-120-6 Baghouse Dust Collector

The PowerPulse Baghouse by U.S. Air Filtration, Inc., an excellent dust collection solution for industrial facilities. Engineered with user-friendly features and technology, it effectively captures and removes harmful particulate from the air, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. With its durable construction and customizable configurations, it adapts to the needs of any facility. The high-header and top-load filter designs allow quick and easy maintenance, while On-Demand cleaning capable controls ensure efficient operation keeping you in compliance. Invest in a PowerPulse Baghouse, a proven winner for more than 50 years.
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Filter Length 120"
Filter Media Polyester Felt
Housing Material Carbon Steel
Filter Area 565 ft²
Length 52"
Filter Installation Top Load
Model Number 99-PTHHI-120-6
Air-to-Cloth Ratio 5:1
Airflow (CFM) 2,826
Static Pressure 20" SPWG
Number of Outlets 1
Number of Inlets 1
Hopper Type Pyramid
Brand U.S. Air Filtration
Applications USAF baghouses are self contained, full automated, and can be modularized where needed. We also supply and install rotary valves, screw conveyors, sealed drums, bulk bag discharges, discharge lids, bin vents, air operated pneumatic transfer systems, access platforms, ventilation and instrumentation, and all related ducting. Baghouses are engineered for dusts that are sub micron and larger, in the following applications: Woodworking Powder processing Material handling Primary metals, including steel-making Metals fabrication: grinding, sawing, sanding, polishing Papermaking Ceramics manufacturing Mixing and blending options Mining Glass plants Universities Foundries Battery Plants

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