Installing a Snap Band Dust Collector Filter Bag

Time for a change out or need to install new filter bags? Learn how to properly install a filter bag into your dust collector's cell plate.

A double beaded snap band filter bag can be used in a wide variety of dust collectors. In a pulse-jet or reverse air dust collector, you'll typically see it as the bag's top configuration. In a shaker dust collector you may see the snap band as a bottom configuration. The snap band is a flexible steel band double beaded gasket that helps create a dust tight seal. You may have also heard of the snap band referred to by other names such as:

Double Beaded Snap Band Names

  • Beaded Snap Band Top

  • Snap Band Top (double Beaded and not the same as a single snap band top)

  • Double Beaded Snap Ring

No matter what you call it, if you need help installing your filter bag, we've linked a short instructional video below.

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Bob from U.S. Air Filtration, and today I'd like to show you the proper way to install a double beaded snap band bag into a cell plate.

I have here a traditional snap band bag. And as you'll notice the bag is long. So to illustrate today, I'm not going to use this big long one. I'm going to use a short little stubby one. I've also got a short little sample cell plate to assist me.

Double beaded snap band bags get their name from the metal snap band that's in the bag that adds some flexibility, and the two beads or double beads that's in the band. You'll notice there is a groove right between them. Which is where we want the cell plate to sit.

So the bead on the top and bottom provides the air seal.

So when installing this we're going to put the bag down into the cell plate.

Occasionally you also see people put a bag in like that, and think they've installed it in correctly.

But as you can see, the groove between the snap bands is not set into the cell plate.

So the proper way to do this, is to take the bag and to bend it into a little bit of a kidney shape. Be careful not to kink the metal band and to seat it so that the metal plate is right in between the two metal bands or the two beads.

And as you work the bag in, you'll hear a snap. Which is where the bag gets its name of a snap band bag.

The bag is tight. It doesn't spin. So it fits well. Then we can take the cage and install it and we're complete.


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