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Are you looking to explore cost saving options for your new Dust Collector? Here are some tips and tricks that you can take advantage of now.

On Demand Cleaning: This is a feature that comes standard on our equipment. On Demand Cleaning can help improve Dust Collector performance and efficiency while decreasing the maintenance and labor costs over time. To learn more about how it can help you, download a free “Three Benefits of On Demand Cleaning for your Dust Collector” sheet.

Benefits of On Demand Cleaning

Subscription Program: Enroll into our 2 or 3 Year Subscription Program for replacement parts to take advantage of it’s benefits:

  • You can potentially save up to 20%* on your order.

  • Never have to worry about price inflation for the length of your subscription.

  • No more running around to get replacement parts the last minute! Your parts are automatically shipped to you based on a schedule you specify.

Blanket Order: An alternative to our Subscription Program, a Blanket Order for replacement parts provides you with cost savings and allows you the flexibility of a 1 year time frame.

Preventative Maintenance: By using leak detection powder as part of your preventative maintenance program, it allows you to address any issues before they become a bigger problem. Leak powder can quickly and efficiently pinpoint any leaks, holes, or tears in your dust collector filters, seams, or cell plate. If you are looking to order leak detection powder, we keep those in stock and are able to ship to you same day. To learn more about how to use leak detection powder, download our guide here.

If you are looking to speak to an equipment specialist, you can contact us with any questions or concerns at 888-221-0312.


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