Dust Collector Bags – How to Choose the Right Filters

Choosing the correct dust collector filter media for your dust collector bags is an important and sometimes difficult process. Filter bags come in many different materials from woven to felted and more. The first step is to consider what type of application and dust collector the filter bags will be used for and the work environment. This will help you understand which bags will give you the best efficiency and performance for your unique application. Narrow down your options by looking at the following key factors:


• Temperature – do your bags need to withstand extreme temperatures?
• Product – what are you filtering?
• Chemistry – can your bags withstand the chemical make up of the dust particles?
• Resistance- is the filter media able to resist the wear and tear of the dust?
• Particles – what is the size of the dust particles that are being filtered?
• Current filter media – What is currently being used in your collector today?


Environment is a critical factor in choosing the right filter. Filter bag performance is directly related to how well it can tolerate the environment in which it is being used, how efficiently it can remove the dust particles from its fabric, and how easily the filter material can be cleaned by the collector.


Here is a list of common filter medias used in dust collector applications:
• Woven felts
• Non-woven felts
• Natural fibers
• Synthetics (Thermoset or Thermoplastics such as Polypropylene “PPRO” – A simple test to determine if a material is a thermoplastic is to take a small swatch and put a flame to it. A thermoplastic material will begin to melt when exposed to direct heat.
• Polyphenylene sulfide “PPS” – Polyester “PE”)


Once you’ve decided on the right filter material for your dust collector, you will want to accurately measure your filter and assess the bag construction on top and bottom to make sure you receive the correct bag for your dust collector.   To learn more about how to measure your filters and understand top and bottom configurations as well as receive a comprehensive guide to each of the major filter medias available,  download our FREE Guide to filter bag medias by completing the form.  Or call us today at 888-221-0312!


4 thoughts on “Dust Collector Bags – How to Choose the Right Filters

  1. richard rouse says:

    Looking for a price quote on a filter bag w zippere to replace a cyclone dura life bag 11.62″odx100.oo”length. Collector is used for Donaldson Torit

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  3. Eric Yundt says:

    Do you carry a standard steel drum size round 17′ long dust bags that are open on both ends?

  4. greg seymour says:

    we get magnetite pumped into our plant and orginal way to vent does not work. I need to vent into a bag so then I can just dump bag into bin.

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