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Industrial dust collection systems control the explosive dust created in the mining and minerals industry. Learn more about the common dust collection systems used in mining and minerals, common filter media, and how to avoid future dust collector emergencies.

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How to avoid a dust collector emergency in your mining and minerals facility.

In the mining and minerals industry there a few hazards that lead to a dust collector emergencies. A top hazard this industry typically deals with are the dust particles generated at different points in their process. For example, when you deal with dust like coal and sulfur, it can form an explosive mixture with air if the right conditions are present. This explosive mixture will form in some of these typical areas at mines and quarries:

  • Crushers
  • Transfer points at conveyor belts
  • Silos

Industrial dust collection systems control the explosive dust created during processing and helps you avoid future dust collector emergencies. Depending on your application, size restriction, and volume most customers choose between a large baghouse or compact cartridge collector.

Most Common Dust Collectors for Mining and Minerals

  • Cartridge Collector Model 2DCP-4 and 2DCP-12
  • Baghouse Model 1309-PTHH-120-6

Another hazard in the mining and minerals industry is the large volume of dust being produced. This dust is hard and abrasive, and with large volumes, it results in filters wearing out rapidly. This leads to frequent maintenance and filter change outs on a dust collector. Exploring other media options can help you reduce the amount of these costly change-outs. For example, filters with PTFE membrane can typically last twice as long as standard filter bags.

Most Common Filter Media for Mining and Minerals

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