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Do you have an emergency plan in place in case your dust collector catches on fire?

We've all been there before; one minute your production floor is running smoothly and the next you have sparks flying, an explosion, and then an instant shutdown. You're losing thousands of dollars and you risk possible fines. What do you do now?

Here's a real story of a dust collector emergency that happened with one of our customers and how we helped bring their plant back online in less than 24 hours.

A Baghouse Emergency

October 11, 2011 had started out as any other normal day, until we took a call from a leading industrial equipment manufacturer with a large production facility in Mapleton, Illinois. After speaking to our customer, we learned that their baghouse had caught on fire, rendering all of their filter bags useless. They had a couple more fires prior to this one, but the fires had never made it to the baghouse before. Their fires usually started because of creosolt build up in their tunnels. This cresolt build up was routinely cleaned out by their maintenance department, but this time the build up was so fast that they couldn't keep up with it quick enough.

This baghouse fire created significant consequences in the customer's production schedule, and it needed to be solved immediately. U.S. Air Filtration was able to help because we had filters in stock and ready to ship, competitive pricing, and customer service that went above and beyond expectations.

Above and Beyond Customer Service

From the time the customer called in we had the account manager, operations, and general manager making sure that we were able to get them the help they needed. Within a few hours after the initial conversation, our team had loaded 1870 of our 6" x 121" Duo Density filters onto the company truck and ready to deliver to a local airport. This baghouse emergency was so severe that the customer ended up chartering their own plane to arrive that night. To ensure everything ran smoothly, our team also provided the customer with their cell phone numbers so that they could be informed of the order's progress each step of the way.

The Solution

Immediately contacting a reputable and responsive supplier is the key to handling your dust collector emergency. Qualities of a reputable and responsive supplier who can handle such emergencies include the following:

  • Dedicated account managers who can be reached directly in person by phone

  • In-stock products available and ready to ship same or next day if needed

  • Minimum 1 year workmanship warranty on all equipment, parts and filters

  • Experienced account managers who can help you identify the right size and type of filter you need based on your application.

Experts in the dust collector industry can help you identify replacement and shipping options at the lowest cost while providing above and beyond customer service. It's also recommended you have a spare set of filter bags on hand at all times so you can change out your bags and get your operation back online as quickly as possible in the event of a similar emergency. Facilities dealing with high temperature airflow created during production are at increased risk of this type of emergency and benefit from having back-up bags stocked.


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