Installing a Pleated Filter Cartridge

Learn how to install a pleated filter. Find out how pleated filters can make your bin vent change out much easier.

One of the benefits of using pleated filters in a bin vent is the ease of filter change outs. Pleated filters offer more filter media than standard filter bags which reduces the number of filters your system requires. For example, nine pleated filters in a model 33 bin vent is equivalent to using 5 to 30 regular bag filters. Take a look at our short video guide below and see just how easy it can be to changeout pleated filters!

8 Quick & Easy Steps to Change Your Pleated Filter

  1. Loosen compression couplings

  2. Remove Blowpipe

  3. Pull out retaining ring

  4. Remove pleated filter by pulling on polyurethane to pop it out

  5. Place a new filter in the hole

  6. Put retaining ring back in

  7. Reinstall blowpipes

  8. Tighten compression couplings

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Bob from US Air Filtration and today I'd like to show you how to change a filter in one of our bin vents

This bin vent is a model 33 which means it's got nine of these pleated filters.

Nine of these pleated filters is the equivalent of 25 to 30 regular bag filters that are eight feet long in a traditional bin vent.

And you'll see today how this makes it so much easier to change the filters .

Before you get started, each of these filters have a little retaining ring which we'll need later.

You might want to pull these out and make sure you don't lose them; so that we can install them later.

Okay let's get started.

So first thing is I just need a step stool to get up here. And once I'm inside I have the bin vent already open.

I just need to remove the blowpipe to get it out of the way of the filters. And you can see I just have one filter in here for demonstration purposes.

So first thing we're gonna do is loosen the compression coupling at one end. And we're gonna remove a couple of these bolts at the other end that I've already loosened up before we got started today.

Okay. Now we can remove the blowpipe and get it away.

To remove the filter we pull out that same retaining ring I showed you before. It simply pulls out.

And just kind of pull on the polyurethane a little bit and your filter should pop right out.

Okay. Now to install the new filter. We've got a retaining ring here. We just simply take the new filter and put it right back in the hole. A little pressure and the filter just snaps right into place.

And then we put the retaining ring in just to keep the filter from popping out.

If you make, kind of a little bit of a Lima bean shape, it's an easy way to snap that retaining ring bike right back in.

Once we do that we're ready to reinstall our blowpipes.

Bolt it down on one end and then we can tighten up the compression coupling on the other end. And that's how you change the filter in our bin vent.


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