What Type Of Dust Collector Is Right For My Application?

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Learn the differences between the three most common industrial dust collection systems; baghouses, cartridge collectors and bin vents. We provide a brief overview of each system’s benefits and the industries which commonly use them.

Baghouse Dust Collector ProjectLearn the differences between the three most common dust collection systems – baghouses, cartridge collectors and bin vents.

Your dust collector is a critical component in your facility, so here are a few questions you should consider when investing in a new dust collector.

-What type of dust are you filtering?

-What CFM or volume are you looking for?
-Are there any size or restrictions for the space the dust collector needs to be in?
-Do you have AQMD or any local emissions requirements you need to meet?
-What is the temperature of my environment like? Cold? Hot?

After you consider these questions, the next step is looking into what type of dust collector will provide you with the most optimal performance.


Baghouses are typically the largest of the three types of dust collectors. They are best suited for high volume and high temperature applications. You would consider this if you were dust loading more than one 55 gallon a drum per day. The most common applications we see are:





Cartridge Collector

Cartridge Collectors are compact and very modular in its design. These are best suited for applications where your dust loading volume is low (collecting less than one 55 gallon drum per day), if you have a small footprint to work with, or if you want to easily expand in the future. The most common applications we see are:

-Steel Fabrication

-Bulk Powder Processing


-Paint Booth

Bin Vent

Bin vents are usually used in applications where you are moving product from one location to another. Like a cartridge collector, bin vents are also compact, modular, and designed for easy change-outs. They are designed to efficiently vent silos and tanks while keeping the product inside the silo. So most often you will see them being utilized in these applications:



-Tank loading

-Conveyor Belt

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