U.S. Air Filtration Polyester Pleated Filter, Metal Top, 6.25 x 39 inch

6.25" x 39" - Pleated Filter Metal Top
Top Load Pleated filter to fit a 6.25" tube sheet x 39" Length with 39 ft² of 100% Spunbond Polyester media. This metal top filter includes a polyester snap band for fast and simple installation. Typically used in bin vents and small baghouses.

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Part Number I40157-M
Filter Diameter 6.25"
Filter Length 41"
Filter Media Spunbond Polyester
Inner Diameter 4.2"
Top Construction Metal Top Load Boot
Bottom Construction Closed
Gasket N/A
Inner Retainer Expanded Metal
Outer Retainer Woven Bands
Filter Media Area 39 ft²
Mean Air Permeability 20 CFM/ft²/min
Pleat Count 70
Filter Efficiency MERV 11
Maximum Temperature 180°F
Brand U.S. Air Filtration

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