U.S. Air Filtration Cartridge Filter Replacement for Triangular EVO (DFE), Double Depth A, P034301

Nanofiber Relacement for Torit P034301 Filter in DFE 2-8 through DFE5-80 Units

Replacement for Torit EVO (DFE) triangular cartridge filter, PN: P034301-016-436. Proprietary design enables the use of a cylindrical cartridge with even pleat spacing allowing for better airflow and cleaning resulting in longer life. The proprietary design seals the filter to the mast, not the door, eliminating leaks due to bad doors seals or over tightening. Made with MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filter media.

This part number is used in double depth units DFE 2-8 through DFE 5-80. Pair with USAF-C2450B for a complete filter set for your DFE collector.

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Part Number USAF-C2450A
Filter Diameter 13.84"
Filter Length 26"
Filter Media Nanofiber
Inner Diameter 9.95"
Top Construction Open with EVO Gasket
Bottom Construction Open
Gasket Proprietary EVO Gasket
Inner Retainer Galvanized Expanded Metal
Outer Retainer Galvanized Expanded Metal
Filter Media Area 207 ft²
Mean Air Permeability 20 CFM/ft²/min
Pleat Count 336
Filter Efficiency MERV 15
Maximum Temperature 180°F
Brand U.S. Air Filtration

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