Thursday Thoughts

Having a growth mindset can fundamentally change the way you see opportunities at work.  If you believe that you can develop and improve through hard work, good strategies, and valuable input from others, it can help you see the bigger picture and acheive goals that may have seemed far out of reach.  A growth mindset can help one feel empowered and confident to conquer problems; eventually turning them into learning opportunites.


People tend to breed insecurity and feel defensive when they  recieve criticism, have negative thoughts about their  performance, or feel despondant because of a mistake.  What we should try to remember, is that these types of negative thoughts or actions will make us take a step backwards insteads of propelling us closer forward to a place of growth.  Each day at work is faced with it’s own set of challenges, so making the internal commitment to yourself to seek feedback, admit errors, and collaborate with others is one of the first steps you can take to develop a growth mindset.



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