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Taeha is one of the major brand name valves amongst Goyen, Mecair, and Asco. Their die casted aluminum valves are specially designed for air pulse style dust collectors.

Connection Styles of Taeha Pulse Valves

There are five types of Taeha pulse valves, and they are segmented by connection type. You will see the connection type indicated at the end of a Taeha pulse valve part number.

  1. B Type – Threaded (screw) style

  2. C Type – Compression coupling

  3. F Type – Has an flanged inlet and coupling connection outlet inlet flange and the outlet is a coupling connection

  4. M Type – Manifold Valve is integrated into the air manifold.

  5. S Type – Straight Screw type. This particular style of connection is unique to Taeha and only one other valve manufacturer. The connection style is threaded but the inlet and outlet are straight or considered a pass through. The sizes for this valve are also limited and only comes in 2 ½” pipe size.

Taeha Valve Part Numbers

Now that we have differentiated between the different connection types, we can examine the string of four digits in a Taeha valve part number and what they indicate.

For this example, we will be using the Taeha part number TH-5825-B. The first two digits in this string of numbers will tell you if your Taeha valve is remote or integral.

  • 58 – is a remote valve

  • 48 – is an integral valve

The second digit will tell you if the valve has one or two diaphragms (single or double diaphragm pulse valve)

  • 58 – is single diaphragm remote valve

  • 48 – is a single diaphragm integral valve

  • 54 – is a double diaphragm remote valve

  • 44 – is a double diaphragm integral valve

The last two digits, 25 in this example, indicate the size of the valve’s opening in millimeters. A 25 millimeter sized valve would be equivalent to 1 inch when converted. So, part number TH-5825-B is a remote single diaphragm 1” valve with a threaded connection style.

Finding in-stock replacements for Taeha valves can be frustrating. There are only a couple of vendors that supply Taeha valves, kits, or enclosures and US Air Filtration is one of them. If you are looking for a replacement, you can easily request a quote and receive one within 24 hours by submitting your parts information to the link below.

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