cartridge dust collector and filters
As local, state, and federal governments begin to relax social distancing guidelines in the days, weeks, and months ahead, many non-essential factories and industrial plants are anxiously looking to resume production. Employers are also now faced with the responsibility to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 by instituting new safety measures.

Taking proactive steps now to implement new health measures and make sure your dust collection equipment is operating properly will protect the safety and health of your workforce first and foremost. These steps will also ensure your system is in good working order so you don't have to worry about another unexpected shutdown.

To help streamline this process and make your start-up as hassle-free as possible, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist, and action item notebook. These resources can help you address any issues promptly. Our guide is broken out into these following sections:

  1. COVID-19 Management Best Practices for Manufacturers

  2. Dust Collector Start-Up Checklist

  3. Action Item Checklist

  4. Maintenance Questions to Consider

To get started you can download the complete return to work PDF guide by clicking below.

Our start-up check list can also be printed, completed electronically in the PDF file, or you can access the checklist on your phone or mobile device by clicking below.

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