Bin Vent Dust Collector For PVC Resin

USAF Dust Collection Case Study

  • Type of Collector: Bin Vents
  • Application: PVC Resin

Project Summary

Westlake Vinyls Bin Vent

Westlake Vinyls USAF Bin Vent

Westlake Vinyls produces vinyl resin products  used in water pipes and fittings, residential siding, and PVC components for windows, doors, fences, and much more.  The customer contacted USAF requesting a proposal for a new dust collection system that would capture PVC resin dust from one of their silos. Due to the corrosive nature of their dust, one of the customer’s main concerns was how to prevent heavy corrosion.


USAF proposed four Model #77-PTPBBV-39-6.25-304SS bin vents to handle their dust control issues. To solve the corrosion element of this problem, USAF fabricated these units from 304 stainless steel.  304 stainless steel contains high amounts of nickel and chromium, which provides exceptional corrosion resistance. The bin vents were also designed with an airflow to capture around 7469 CFM of dust laden air with an average 3.9:1 air to cloth ratio. Through out the bidding process the customer and account manager worked together to find the most efficient design and layout for their application. Ultimately, Westlake Vinyls valued the simple, efficient design of our units.


The customer was so satisfied with the bin vents and customer service, that they decided to purchase four more.  These four bin vents were headed for a different location that would help them convert from the typical bag and cage configuration to the pleated filters provided with USAF’s system.

Project Details

Equipment Specifications:
  • Airflow (CFM): 7,469 CFM
  • Air to Cloth Ratio: 3.9:1
  • Filter Media: Spunbond Poly


Type of Dust:
  • PVC Resin

Project Photos