Rubber Plant Cartridge Dust Collector

Rubber Plant Dust Collector 3

USAF Dust Collection Case Study

  • Type of Collector: Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Application: Rubber Manufacturing

Project Summary

A high technology manufacturer of aerospace rubber parts and components was undergoing a plant expansion.  They required a new, turnkey dust collection system to remove rubber dust and fumes created during mixing of rubber ingredients.

USAF engineered, manufactured and installed a new US Air Filtration pulse jet cartridge cartridge dust collector from the ground up which included the system, ductwork, and electrical.  The collector was outfitted with high efficiency MERV 15 rated Nanofiber filters and cleaning nozzles to reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency, performance and filtration. The MERV 15 filters offered superior filtration than standard filters and the new system significantly improved air quality within the work environment.


Project Details

Installation Date: 2010

Equipment Specifications:
  • Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector Model #4DCP48-26-13.8
  • Airflow: 24,000 CFM
  • Capture Method: Hoods & Booths





Type of Dust:
  • Rubber Dust & Fumes, Talc Powder

Project Photos