Powder Coating Plant Cartridge Collector

USAF Dust Collection Case Study

Project Summary

A powder coating facility in White City, OR undergoing an extensive plant expansion needed two new dust collection systems to accommodate increased production. The plant application required a high efficiency solution that would be able to capture powder coating/powder paint dust.

The customer valued finding a low maintenance solution, with rugged construction for long term, reliable performance. High importance was placed on a partner able to provide personalized, responsive service.


USAF provided model 2DCP-4 and 3DCP-12 cartridge dust collectors for the customer to meet their filtration needs.

Both units are compact and are ideally suited for all types of fine dust particulates including powder applications. The ease of maintenance design features also solved their concerns about spending too much time and money on maintenance or filter change-outs. Both the 2DCP-4 and 3DCP-12 models cartridge filters can be serviced from outside the collector so there is no confined space, entry permit, or respirator needed. Cartridge filters are market standard size allowing them to be cost-effective regardless of where they are purchased. And with the proper tools, filters can be changed out in 30 minutes or less.

The customer also enrolled in our USAF parts subscription program, offering substantial savings on replacement parts in the years to come.

Benefits to the Customer:
  1. Minimize the costs of unexpected shutdowns.
  2. No long lead times.
  3. No price increases for the life of the contract.
  4. Time savings. No need to call in for a price quote, lead time, or order.
  5. No hassle. Automatic delivery. We do all the work and take care of shipping filters based on their own parts delivery schedule.

Project Details

Installation Date: 2019

Equipment Specifications:
  • Model: (1) 2DCP-4 and (1) 3DCP-12
  • CFM: 2,000 CFM and 7,000 CFM
  • Dust Characteristics: Powder Coating/Powder Paint
  • Air-to-cloth ratios: 1.97:1 and 2.3:1
  • Filter Media: Nanofiber
  • Fans: 2000 CFM @ 10″, 5 HP and 7000 CFM @ 12″, 20 HP

Project Photos