Pipe Manufacturing Plant Baghouse System

USAF Dust Collection Case StudyPipe Foundry 3

  • Type of Collector: Baghouse
  • Application: Utility Pipe Manufacturing

Project Summary

Due to local air regulatory agency requirements, our customer was required to install general ventilation systems to keep fugitive dust from escaping the facility into the environment.

As part of the ventilation system, a new baghouse was needed to target factory dust emissions and improve plant production and air quality.

USAF engineered, fabricated and installed a new ventilation system and pulse jet baghouse dust collector to capture dust and fumes. The pulse jet collector allowed for better dust capture, improved bag cleaning, and required less maintenance than their older dust collection model.

Project Details

Equipment Specifications:
  • Pulse-jet baghouse
  • USAF Model 7515WPT-120-6
  • On-line cleaning utilizing polyester with PTFE membrane
  • 1,155,000 CFM General Ventilation
  • 75,000 CFM Baghouse
  • Source capture methods
  • General building ventilation taps
  • Close-capture hooding

Type of Dust:


  • Silica
  • Iron Oxide
  • Sand
  • Fumes

Project Photos