Manufacturing Plant Cartridge Dust Collector

USAF Dust Collection Case Study
  • Type of Collector: Cartridge Dust Collector  
  • Client: Lifetime Products
  • Application: Deburred Steel

Project Summary

Lifetime Products required a small cartridge dust collector for one of their manufacturing facilities working with two descalers. The dust collector system needed to be configured to filter deburred steel particulate from their MD14/19 descalers. Our goal was to work with the customer to find the most effective and compact system to fit their specific requirements.


Together with the customer we needed to figure out where they would tap in the collectors, the line they were going to use, and then from there size the right dust collector for their space. With all of the information clarified, USAF proposed one (1) USAF Model #2DCP-8-26-13.8 cartridge collector designed to capture 4000 CFM of dust laden air at an air to cloth ratio of 1.96:1.

This particular cartridge collector, along with 8 Nanofiber MERV 15 filters, was the perfect fit for the customer and their application. Installing the USAF 2DCP-8 model with a 10 horsepower fan and silencer solved some of the main concerns typically involved with a project like this; 1. Space 2. Cost 3. Effectiveness.


The unit is working well, I like how quiet it is.

Lifetime Products



Project Details

Installation Date: 2019

Equipment Specifications:
  • One (1) USAF Model #2DCP-8-26-13.8
  • Airflow – 4,000 CFM of dust laden air
  • Air to Cloth Ratio – 1.96:1
  • Filter Media: Nanofiber MERV 15

Type of Dust:
  • Deburred Steel

Lifetime Products Project Photos