Gold Mining Baghouse Dust Collector

USAF Dust Collection Case Study

  • Type of Collector: Baghouse Conversion
  • Application: Gold Mining
  • Location: Midas, Nevada

Project Summary

During the gold mining process, valuable gold dust was created at vibrating screens and conveyor transfer points. The customer wanted to capture and recycle the valuable gold dust and simultaneously protect the work environment.

USAF engineered, fabricated and installed a turnkey  pulse jet baghouse which efficiently captured the gold dust byproducts for recycling while also improving air quality in the factory.



Project Details

Installation Date: 2000

Equipment Specifications:


Airflow: 45,000 CFM dust collector

Capture Method: Source Capture Method: Hoods were installed to capture the dust at source point.

Filtration Method Used: Pulse jet baghouse, model #2415-PT-144-6


Type of Dust: