Aluminum Plant Baghouse System

USAF Dust Collection Case StudyAluminum Plant Baghouse

  • Type of Collector: Baghouse
  • Client Name: Logan Aluminum
  • Application: Reverb Furnace and Dross House

Project Summary

US Air Filtration engineered and fabricated a pulse jet baghouse system to capture 70,000 CFM dust laden air for a reverb furnace and dross house.  Project work included:

  • Baghouse enclosure with supports, stairs and platform
  • Main inlet ductwork
  • Compressed air piping
  • Screw conveyor, airlocks
  • PTFE membrane polyester filter bags.

Project Details

Installation Date: 2008

Equipment Specifications:
  • Model 7515WPT  120-6 Pulse Jet Dust Collector
  • CFM: 70,000 CFM
  • Air-to-Cloth Ratio: 3.97:1
  • Filter Media: Polyester with PTFE Membrane

Project Photos