Would you like to reduce your dust collector filter and maintenance costs without sacrificing performance? If you are looking for dust collection filters that offer the same quality and performance as brand name without the high price tag, then we can help you explore other options. U.S. Air Filtration’s industrial dust collector replacement filters can meet the challenges of various types of industrial dust while offering increased value over time.

We offer custom and in stock dust collector bags and cartridge filters for many industries. Here is a sample of industries that use USAF dust collector filters:


We manufacture our industrial dust collector filters to meet or exceed the efficiency ratings of name brand filters like Torit, but at a significant cost savings. For example, our Nanofiber cartridge dust collector filters offer the same MERV 15 efficiency rating that Torit’s Ultraweb offers. With our dust collector filters you benefit from high efficiency, long filter life, and drastic cost savings.

We manufacture and stock a full line of replacement dust collector filters for a variety of dust collector models manufactured by Donaldson Torit. If you need help crossing your filters or have any questions, call us at 888-221-0312 or email us at [email protected].

Below is list of frequently asked questions we may ask you about your project. We will work to meet your unique requirements, provide you with your best options, find cost effective solutions, and provide you with customer service you can trust.

Cartridge/Pleated Filter FAQ

In addition to supplying replacements for Torit cartridge filters, we also supply replacements for other types of Torit filters, including the following:

  • Torit Ultra-Tek Cartridges
  • Torit BonDura Cartridges
  • Torit Fibra-Web Cartridges
  • Torit Retrofit Cartridges
  • Torit EZ Filter Pack
  • Torit Cellulex Cartridges
  • Torit-Tex Cartridges
  • Torit Ultra-Web EZ Cartridges
  • Torit Ultra-Web Cartridges
  • Torit Dura-Life Bags
  • Torit Endura-Tek Cartridges
  • Torit HEPA and 95% DOP Panel Filters
  • And More!


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