Leak Detection PowderLeak detection powder is used to identify the source of any filter bag leaks in your dust collector or after a filter changeout or installation to confirm no leaks are present.

There are typically two reasons people change out their filters:

  1. The build up of filter cake is so excessive that it is blinding your filters.
  2. You have a hole/leak in your filter(s).


One common symptom of a dust collector leak includes a significant change or drop in differential pressure in your dust collector. When you think you may have a hole/leak in your filter(s), you want to quickly and safely assess your system for leaks. Your dust collector is a major investment. Maintaining your system’s vital components plays a critical role in keeping your production downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.

U.S. Air Filtration stocks and supplies leak detection powder to help with any of your filter bag leaks. The leak detection powder glows under ultraviolet light, helping you track down the source of hard to find leaks. It can be used on existing filters or when new filters are installed to ensure proper installation.

Our leak detection powder is non-toxic and eliminates the need for time-consuming hand-eye bag inspections. It works safely on all types of dust collectors.

We can supply dust collector leak powder in many colors. To minimize plant downtime, we also offer same day and next day shipping for urgent requests. Contact us at 888-221-0312 or email [email protected] for help with leak detection powder.

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