Replacement Nanofiber or Spunbond Poly Filters

Were you looking to replace the nanofiber or spunbond polyester filters for cartridge the dust collector at your  facility? Did you know that U.S. Air Filtration stocks and can swiftly manufacture a wide variety of filters that are typically used in your industry?  If you are in need of a specific filter, please call one of our responsive sales representatives at 888-221-0312.  We carry a wide variety of filters in in both medias as well as various types of media that would suit your particular needs.

Filters We Supply:

  • 80/20 Flame Retardant

  • Nanofiber

  • Spunbond Polyester

  • Polyester with PTFE


We also stock the more common valves and kits used within your industry.

  • Goyen Kits & Valves
  • Asco Kits & Valves
  • Taeha Kits & Valves
  • Turbo Kits & Valves



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