Torit Filters



We stock and supply a full line of replacement filters for most dust collector models manufactured by Donaldson Torit. Our replacement filters provide the same or better efficiencies than most Torit brand replacements at significant cost savings. For example our nanofiber cartridge filters offer an improved MERV 15 efficiency rating over Torit’s Ultraweb MERV 13 efficiency rating. Our replacements save money for our customers while improving the performance of their dust collection systems.


In addition to supplying replacements for Torit cartridge filters, we also supply
replacements for other types of Torit filters, including the following and more:


  • Torit Ultra-Tek Cartridges
  • Torit BonDura Cartridges
  • Torit Fibra-Web Cartridges
  • Torit Retrofit Cartridges
  • Torit EZ Filter Pack
  • Torit Cellulex Cartridges
  • Torit-Tex Cartridges
  • Torit Ultra-Web EZ Cartridges
  • Torit Ultra-Web Cartridges
  • Torit Dura-Life Bags
  • Torit Endura-Tek Cartridges
  • Torit HEPA and 95% DOP Panel Filters

We work to meet your plants’ unique requirements by giving you options and deliver value through cost effective solutions, better lead times and improved filter performance.


Here is a list of frequently asked questions we may ask you about your project.  Call us today to learn more and we can help you find the right filter for your application.