Rotary Valves



We supply a full product line of rotary valves. Rotary valves (also known as airlocks, rotary feeders, or airlock feeders) transition material from one pressurized point, such as a dust collector, to another unpressurized point, such as a drum or bin. The valve seals a pressurized system against loss of air and pressure. Rotary valves make it easier to control the flow of material from bins, hoppers, or silos, onto conveying or processing systems.


Applications for rotary airlocks include cement, minerals, grains, plastics, flour, gypsum, lime, coffee, cereals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Many options are available including cast iron and stainless steel housings, high temperature ratings, chrome plating, open and closed rotors, tip options, and more.


Here are a few sample drawings for some of our in-stock rotary valves:


12 Inch Rotary Valve

10 Inch Rotary Valve