Diaphragm Valves



We stock and supply most brand name diaphragm valve replacements including the following:

Same day shipping is available on a huge selection of in-stock valves including Buna, Nylon, Viton and Silicone diaphragms.


These valves come in a range of configurations to suit all types of pulse jet baghouse cleaning designs. Their sophisticated design utilizes a flexible molded diaphragm to regulate airflow through the filters for optimal cleaning. The diaphragm valve creates a pulse of air that shakes through the bag, shaking off any dirt on the outside of the bag and cleaning the filter.


We can provide replacement diaphragm valves for any application. Diaphragm valve repair kits and solenoid valve repair kits are also available.  Here is a list of frequently asked questions we may ask you about your project.

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