Happy New Year!

USAF Blog Title Happy New Year

During the holiday season, as I review the year’s events, I am filled
with gratitude for all the blessings I have been so fortunate to
receive. At the top of my list is my faith, family and friends, of
course, but included in this list is also you and all those who have
helped U.S. Air Filtration grow over the last 28 years!


I have heard it said that having “An Attitude of Gratitude” has a
profound impact on the way a person’s life is shaped. I feel this is
specifically important to share as we prepare to usher in a new year of
possibilities. Recognizing and appreciating our blessings and taking the
time to express our gratitude for others is the key to happiness.


Here at U.S. Air Filtration, I am grateful for our partners and
customers for their trust and service. Without you we wouldn’t be able
to continue to do what we do best. I’m thankful for our team who
continue to deliver stellar customer service and support to your unique
and challenging air filtration needs.


I hope that as you are surrounded by your friends and loved ones this
holiday season, and throughout the new year, that you may find your
attitude of gratitude and delight in the true meaning of happiness. Our
team looks forward to serving you in 2016 and wish you and yours a
healthy and happy New Year!


All my best,


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