Filter Bag Top Designs for a Reverse Air or Shaker Dust Collector

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Are you looking for the best filter bag for your dust collection system? Here is a brief overview of the most commonly used top configurations for a reverse air or shaker dust collector.

U.S. Air Filtration can provide filter bags for a variety of dust collector systems. In order to offer the most effective collector filter bag for your particular need, it is important that we know the correct bag fabric needs, and the bag design.

In a baghouse using reverse air or shaker cleaning systems, the particulate is collected on the inside surface of the bag. Below is a general outline of the most common types of top bag construction you would see for reverse air or shaker dust collectors.  For more information on any specific needs, you can go to our website here or please call our parts team at 888-221-0312.

Reverse Air or Shaker Dust Collector 

    • Grommet Top
    • Loop Top
    • Trap Bags
    • Strap Top
    • Envelope Style
    • Cord Top Cuffs
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