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Industry Use

Aramid, also known as Nomex©, is widely used in high temperature applications because of its excellent resistance to abrasion and ability to perform at maximum continuous operating temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Aramid filter media is frequently used in industries such as cement, chemicals, metalworking and castings, and foundries.

Dust Collection Characteristics

Common applications for Aramid can include high temperature dryers, extremely abrasive dust applications, and high temperature chemical processes. Aramid can be available in weights of 14, 16, and 18 ounces. Below are more characteristics of Aramid filter media.

Characteristics Rating
Relative Cost $$$
Max Continuous Operating Temperature 400 Degrees F.
Abrasion Good
Energy Absorpsion Good
Filtration Properties Excellent
Moist Heat Good
Alkaline Good
Mineral Acids Fair
Oxygen (15%+) Excellent

Pros Cons
Provides great resistance to highly abrasive dust applications. Mineral oxides can cause deterioration or partial decomposition over time.

Coal Fired Boilers

Filter Bag Treatments & Finishes

There are a couple of treatments available for Aramid filter media. Treatments can include:

• PTFE membrane
• Hydro-Oleophobic coating
• Acid resistant
• Anti-static (epitropic)
• Singe (pre-treatment)
• Glazed (pre-treatment)

Benefits of Treatments & Finishes

PTFE membrane: Adding a PTFE membrane to an aramid filter bag can double its life, reduce wear and tear, lower maintenance costs, energy costs, and more. You can learn more about how PTFE works and its benefits here.

Hydro-Oleophobic: This will aid in filtration, adds resistance to water and oils, and improves cake release.

Acid Resistant: Protects aramid fibers from acid attacks, and can also reduce abrasion. This can be used in cement and foundry applications.

Anti-Static (Epitropic): Helps to ground the filter bag.

Singe: This pre-treatment process removes straggly fibers from the filter material and provides a uniform surface area which improves cake release.

Glazed: In this process the fibers are fused to the body of the filter medium. This helps smoothen the surface and improve cake release.

Filter Bag Resources

If you’re looking for additional resources on filter bag media, dust characteristics, filter bag configurations , or air-to-cloth ratio you can access and download our filter bag eBook below. You can also watch our "Guide to Filter Media" video here.

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