Features and Benefits of our Dust Collector Units

Are you facing some challenges in choosing what’s right for your next equipment project?  Did you know that since 1987 U.S. Air Filtration, Inc. has been committed to providing high quality baghouses, cartridge collectors, and bin vents both domestically and internationally?  We manufacture custom units as well as stock a diverse selection of dust collectors for a wide range of projects.


Our dust collectors are suitable for many industries and applications ranging from foundries, manufacturing, metalworking, energy, and more. Here are some of the features we offer on our dust collectors.



  • Easy maintenance access
    • High Header for quick valve changes
    • Top load design


Cartridge collectors:

  • Compact
  • Large selection of cartridge media
  • Modular for easy expansion


Bin Vents:

  • Designed for easy filter change outs


Choosing the right type of equipment for your next project is critical.  Please call us at 888-221-0312 to let one of our dedicated and responsive specialists help you.  You can also visit our website www.usairfiltration.com for more detailed information.


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2 thoughts on “Features and Benefits of our Dust Collector Units

  1. Mia Stewart says:

    I like how the article explains that a cartridge dust collector is compact. We are needing a dust collector for our project and we need one that is compact as we don’t have much space. We will look into getting a cartridge dust collector.

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