We specialize in designing and manufacturing small and large dust collection systems, including cartridge dust collectors, bin vents and baghouses. Our project sizes range from 650 CFM to 5 Million CFM. We stock a wide selection of dust collectors and have a team of engineers ready to design your custom project. Check out our case studies to learn more about our past projects and industries we support.


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Our dust collectors all come standard with on demand cleaning, an automated cleaning system for your dust collector that can improve your dust collectors efficiency and performance while reducing energy consumption and labor costs.  With on demand cleaning, the control panel is set by the operator to clean the bags only when the differential pressure reaches a high range, then the system will pulse down to a lower range. Cleaning pauses until the differential pressure reaches the high range once more and the system will automatically pulse down again. This continues as an ongoing cycle that is performed the entire time your dust collector is running.  To learn more about how on demand cleaning can improve performance, efficiency and production while saving time, labor and maintenance costs, feel free to download our complimentary On Demand Cleaning Guide.


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