Dust Collector Inspection and Service

James Hardie Dust Collection System

22 Point Inspection

A well maintained dust collector will ensure your system is performing at peak efficiency. It will also be critical to minimizing unscheduled plant downtime and the wear and tear of your dust collector parts. As part of a regular preventative maintenance program, customers can request bonded and insured technicians to provide 22 point inspection on their dust collector systems. An inspection will include an analysis of your dust collector and its most vital parts, a written report, and recommended corrective actions you can take to solve any issues. An inspection can include an examination of the following:

  1.  Overall status of dust collector(s)
  2. Compressed air system for leaks
  3. Regulator pressure
  4. Air Shut off valve is sealed and is properly working
  5. Solenoids firing properly
  6. Diaphragm Valves firing properly
  7.  Couplings are sealed
  8. Magnehelic is working properly
  9. Fan Vibration readings
  10. Bearing Temperatures
  11. And more

Dust Collector Service

Different from an inspection, a service on a dust collector system includes bonded and insured technicians performing a change out or corrective actions. This can include the following:

  1. Changing filters
  2.  Seal minor air leaks
  3. Repair or replace damaged solenoids, valves, or diaphragm kits
  4. Any other repairs or troubleshooting needed on a baghouse – for example, vibration issues with a system after a filter change

USAF Dust Collector Warehouse

Inspection and Service Questions

If you are looking for either an inspection or service from a supplier, here are some of the most common questions that can be discussed prior to receiving a formal proposal with outlined costs.

  1. What type of service or troubleshooting is being requested?
  2. Where will the service take place?
  3. What type of dust is being filtered? Is it hazardous? Will any special safety equipment be required?
  4. Are there any current issues with your filters?
  5. Is there any special training or background checks needed prior to entering a facility?
  6. When would you like to have the service conducted? What are the permitted service hours (evening or day work, weekends only, etc.)?

To get more information on inspections or services for your dust collector, you can contact a USAF account manager at 888-221-0312 or simply email [email protected] We have also included a link to our comprehensive dust collector maintenance eBook that you can download.

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