Competitively Priced Dust Collector Units

Expensive dust collectors – are they worth it just for the sake of their name?  If you’ve asked yourself that question before, then you have already delved into the possibility of buying a less expensive alternative to these brands.


While saving money is a big concern, we understand that you are also looking for quality equipment.   As an OEM, U.S. Air Filtration has been manufacturing dust collectors for over 40 years.  Time and time again our customers have found that our units are high quality, efficient, and as long lasting as any of the other brands you have encountered in the market.  Some of the benefits we can offer are:


  • Significant cost savings from Torit and Camfil collectors.
  • In Stock Dust Collectors that can ship within the next few days.
  • Custom units.
  • Responsive equipment specialists.


Here is an email from one of our customer’s that has been happy since they decided to make the switch.


” I used to buy cartridge collectors from a different supplier at a higher price.  I’ve learned that these collectors all work the same and I can get them at a much better price from U.S. Air Filtration.  They work great.  This helps us get more jobs and improve our bottom line.”   – Mike Bergstrom, Mill Mac.


Please call us today at 888-221-0312 and let one of our dedicated and responsive specialists help you on your next project.


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