• Steel Fabrication Plant

    Steel Fabrication Plant
    Dust Collection: Case Study

    Cartridge Dust Collector

    Industry Application: Steel Fabrication
    The Problem/Solution: Our customer manufactures turnkey, custom structural steel fabrication and erection construction for industrial and commercial building contractors. Plasma smoke and fumes were being generated at the plasma table where steel was being cut which created a safety hazard for workers and made it difficult for them to perform efficiently.


    We supplied our customer with a ready to assemble US Air Filtration pulse jet cartridge dust collector that the customer installed. The new cartridge collector removed fumes using the most efficient and low maintenance pulse jet technology available and also featured advanced high efficiency fire retardant Nanofiber filters.


    Location: Texas


    Installation Date: 2013


    Type of Pollutant: Plasma smoke and fumes


    Airflow: 5200


    Capture Method: Downdraft Table
    Filtration Method Used: Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector Model #3DCP12

    Pulse Jet Cartridge Collector

    5,200 CFM Cartridge Collector installed in Steel Fabrication Plant

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